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Has the Church of Ireland lost its faith?

Has the Church of Ireland lost its faith?  Why do we say that?  Within the Church of Ireland there have been recent substantial moves away from the historic Gospel which its official theology enshrines.  For example, a Roman Catholic priest can now lead services and preach in a Church of Ireland cathedral and presumably the only reason why he cannot lead in Holy Communion is probably because he’s adhering to his denomination’s teaching on this.  Most likely, from the Church of Ireland Cathedral’s point of view, there would be no problem in him doing so if he wanted to.

Furthermore, a recent article in the Church of Ireland Gazette, which was highlighted in the Belfast Newsletter, highlighted the claim that Church of Ireland bishops in the Republic of Ireland are turning a blind eye to clergy entering into homosexual ‘marriage’.

Surely, as the 500th anniversary of the Reformation approaches next year, the way forward for a rapidly declining church is not only to embrace its rich biblical heritage, but also to unashamedly preach it to a world desperately in need.  Flirting with Roman Catholicism or acquiescing in homosexual ‘marriage’ is far cry from the biblical teaching recovered at the Reformation and the traditional, Christian few on marriage.

Liberal catholic revisionists in the Church of Ireland continue to harp on for change and certainly aim to manipulate the next General Synod in Limerick into giving into their demands.  Will the Church of Ireland truly stand up for its own biblical teachings?  Will it truly love the world from the perspective of Christ and his Gospel?  Or will it cave in to manipulation, political pressure and the pagan onslaught on the Gospel that characterizes the revisionist strategies of so much liberal catholic ideology?

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