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Church of Ireland General Synod 2015

The Church of Ireland General Synod meets next week (7th - 9th May) in Armagh in a climate of debate within Ireland, North and South, on same sex marriage.  The House of Bishops are divided on the issue with some southern bishops agitating for a ‘yes’ vote in the Irish Republic’s referendum, even though in the 2012 General Synod, the Church of Ireland affirmed it’s adherence to the traditional and biblical view of marriage.

The agitation of those seeking a ‘yes’ decision in the Same Sex Marriage Referendum in the Republic of Ireland on May 22nd will inevitably feed into the the work of the General Synod, causing much disunity within the denomination.  No matter what their reasoning for forwarding same sex marriage, we know it’s not a biblical one, in which case they are hardly promoting the Christian faith which they solemnly swore to uphold in their consecration as bishops.

What are they for then?  The issues of episcopal ministry will be debated at this General Synod, and in the light of the reckless behaviour of some bishops to deny the basic teachings of Christianity, can the church not simply get rid of them?  How valuable are Bishops who deny the plain teaching of the Bible, for example on human sexuality?  Are they really worth the money that is being poured into their upkeep?

At a time when Ireland, North and South, needs faithful men and women to promote the Gospel, which alone saves and transforms, why would we allow these folk to damage the witness of the church?  Members of General Synod are put in a position of responsibility and need to exercise that responsibility to keep the Church faithful to its calling to promote the Gospel in Ireland.  That will mean ensuring that those bishops who are promoting an unbiblical agenda are not allowed to disrupt and destroy the witness of the Church of Ireland.

In the words of the collect for the church of this land (BCP 2004)’Hear us, most merciful God, for that part of the Church which thou hast planted in our land, that it may hold fast the faith which thou gavest unto the Saints, and in the end bear much fruit to eternal life; through Jesus Christ our Lord.’

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