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From North to South

One of the immediately striking things about GAFCON is the evidence of the global shift in the numbers and influence of Anglicanism, from the northern hemisphere to the global south. The sea of african faces and the accents of the global south far outnumber those from the old centre of Anglicanism in Britain and America. Mainly, this has to do with the strong emphasis on evangelism so evident in the global south, as compared to the general apathy and even outright hostility to evangelism in much of the northern Anglican provinces. The long, slow death of the latter by the poison of liberal theology, is also a major factor in this evolution of Anglicanism from north to south.

The older provinces of the northern hemisphere may glory in their relative antiquity in comparison to their southern counterparts, but any lingering notions of colonial superiority are seriously misplaced. The British empire has gone, and with the emergence since WW2 of independent sovereign states, especially in Africa, have come independent and strong Anglican provinces. Their growth has been phenomenal; and whether or not TEC and Canterbury choose to acknowledge it, the life, vitality, and growth of the churches of the Global South will effectively make the northern provinces side-shows within world-wide Anglicanism. The northern anglican provinces are ostrich-like, simply ’sticking their heads in the sand’ if they think they can just dismiss the wishes of this confident growing Global south movement.

The Gnostic liberals of TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada, have already made up their mind that they want nothing to do with the Global south as represented in GAFCON. However, unless they repent, they will eventually just disappear off the ecclesiastical map, ever declining and becoming a footnote in church history. The Church of Ireland will soon have to face up to the shift of influence, power, and spiritual life in worldwide Anglicanism. Will it align itself with the policies and outlook of the pagan gnostic leadership of TEC and the like, or will it fully embrace the refreshing, joyful emphasis on the Gospel so clearly displayed by much of the Global south?

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