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The Need for Doctrine in the 21st Century
More than ever, the visible churches need to get back to the doctrine of the Scriptures
The Way forward for faithful Anglicans
sermon at GAFCON 2 by William Taylor, Rector of St Helen's Bishopsgate, London
Living in a 'porn is norm' culture
a biblical response to the growing pervasiveness of porn
As Eye See it
One Rector writes of his disappointment of what is happening in the Church of Ireland
Archbishop Harper's communique on civil partnership
Communique gives great cause for concern
Primates meeting in Dublin
Reform Ireland letter sent to Church of Ireland Gazette 4th February but not published
Primates' statement takes biblical stance
Reform Ireland welcomes Primates' biblical stance
Archbishop's comments on Lesbian bishop appointment
Being out of line with church order a greater sin than undermining scripture?
TEC Lesbian bishop appointment
TEC moves further away from Gospel
A New Era
Gafcon has brought in a new era for Anglicanism
Why Gafcon?
Why there was a need for GAFCON
Global Anglican Future Conference - GAFCON 2008
Eddie Coulter's report on GAFCON 2008
Reflections on Ministry
Clive West looks back in Retirement
The Windsor Report and Scripture
A brief examination.
Thought Police at CITC?
The College Covenant examined.
The Need for Continuing Reform
Pressing issues facing the Church of Ireland.
The Gospel and CITC
A brief historical survey.
Lay Presidency at the Lord?s Supper
Opening a Debate for the Church.
Letter to Irish House of Bishops
05th March 2016
a critique of their letter to clergy on same sex marriage

Launch of Australian Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans
20th Apr 2015
The GAFCON movement continues to grow

GAFCON leadership backs Anglican Mission in England
20th Apr 2015
GAFCON leadership meets in London